Serbian group “Hurricane” in an exclusive interview “Abc e Pasdites” with moderator Ermal Peçi showed what are the expectations they have with this year’s Eurovision, but also what they think about the representation of Albania. The three girls said that Angela Peristeri has a very beautiful voice, and even sang a little from the chorus of the song “Karma”. “It’s very beautiful. We love Angela very much. She is so beautiful and we love her song. We are very happy that your song is in your language, Albanian, just like our Serbian song “.

Among other things, Ermali focused on the collaboration of Albanian artists with Darko Dimitrov, if the girls have ever thought of collaborating with Albanian artists as well. They said: “Why not we often listen to Albanian music, we adore the productions that you have in Albania. “And why not collaborate with an Albanian artist.”

Unlike Albanian artists who get a lot of comments after returning from Eurovision, especially when they are not in the finals, the girls of the group ‘Hurricane’ emphasized that they have a good relationship with journalists and do not have such pressure. They underlined that they do not have the nightmare of the final, but just want to enjoy it.

What do the girls think about the two countries Albania and Serbia? Do they think that music can unite people and nations? “Yes, we are apolitical. “We are not in those waters.”

Ermali asks them if political elections stifle the good climate of Eurovision. “They say there are political votes, but we do not support this. We simply want our performance to be as good as people like it. “We are not interested in points.”

Two of the girls in the group were single and Ermali asks if they ever thought of having a love affair with an Albanian boy. They said they are open to dating Albanian boys, but do not have much time available for a relationship. They represent Serbia in Eurovision for the second time, this year with the song “Loco, Loco”.