A contract killer demands 50 thousand euros from the client, as the work is difficult and risks 30 years in prison. But, he tells her that he does not need many tools, a pistol with a silencer is enough and he finishes the job.

The conversation was recorded at the beginning of April 2021, after the person who had received the offer had gone to the apartment of Mr. Artan Xhelili. According to Xhelili, the killer had told him that he had received exactly 15 thousand euros to execute him.

At first, Mr. Xhelili turns on the recorder of the assassins and the latter leaves to meet the client. “I have been under control for a long time,” says the customer, while the killer does the shopping.

“I will tell you something, I will do it, because I told you to ask for shopping. Give me 50 thousand, 25 in hand, let me go, let me finish work ”while receiving an answer that the target is not worth 50 thousand euros.

He even tells her that she should do this job alone and not mix with any other person. For more, we are publishing below the first part of the conversation between the assassin and the mastermind;

Artan Xhelili gives a registered tool to a person named F., whom he says is a paid killer…

Conversation uncovered by Fiks Fare:

Paid killer – Close the screen so that it does not press anything, does not turn off.
Target – I closed it, I closed it. It is on, it is on, it is not turned off. Where will you put it?
Murderer – Here, here, here… Let go brother, hajt!
Targets – Ok…
Assassin – Hajt.

Departs to meet the customer…

Client: How am I, how are you, strong man?
Paid killer – Albania account.
Customer: I told you yesterday not to gap on the phone.
Assassin: Why are you eavesdropping?
Customer: Normal.
Murderer: Why are you dealing with me?
Customer: I told you my phone is being tapped. Did I tell you? Come there for a second.
Paid killer: Do not see us together, than with a sister man.
Client: This is the conversation I told you about yesterday.
Murderer: They saw us talking. He is not afraid of me, you know very well. I went many times…
Customer: Come on…
Paid killer: Do you understand, man of the earth, do not kill me më
Client: I have so long told you, I am under control.
Paid killer: I’m in danger, man of the earth, because I’m really in trouble.
Client: You better come to Dukat at 6 o’clock in a corner and I said it yesterday. I said it yesterday, not on the phone, that I know. I know!
Assassin: How are we going to make it continue, brother? To finish things, to take away my worries, your worries.
Client: I told you something, look how much this kind of work costs, I do not know you anymore. I’m going.
Paid killer: To say something. He is not alone. Now there is behind T., there is another, there is another. This. She will do with me, because I do not want to burn brother.
Client: I also do not want to burn any, none.
Assassin: I will tell you something, I will do it, because I told you to go shopping. Give me 50 thousand, 25 in hand, let me go, finish work.
Customer: I do not make 50 thousand for that.
Paid assassin: How much more?
Customer: I’m not making 50,000 for that.
Paid killer: How much?
Customer: He does not make 50 thousand euros.
Paid killer: It’s a problem, brother.
Client: I’m leaving do not mind.
Paid killer: How much? That you tell me a bazaar of yours, on q.n. If you did not tell me something.
Client: Now is not is T.
Paid killer: I will shoot up for money, because now i q. n. I’m sorry for the money.
Client: I know.
Paid killer: I’m in a situation that…
Customer: I agree with everything, for the money you look up, but the work does not do that much.
Assassin: If he does not do that, the other one does. The other one will come. The other one will come out…
Client: He does not come out anymore. He does not come out anymore, the other one does not come out anymore.
Murderer: You are making me an offer. That you will make me an offer.
Customer: The work is here, I have this package for this, this package for me. Even though I told you, tell me from the beginning how much you do.
Assassin: I told him mine.
Customer: It is not done for that. It is very high, very very high.
Paid killer: Well say a price you.
Customer: It is out of the ordinary here. He is… F., he is…
Murderer – I risk 30 years in prison, brother, blunt talk.
Client: I know them very well.
Assassin: You will make me a prize to please me and to distract you and I worry that I will leave. I finished work, I ran away brother.
Customer: That person needs neither a motorcycle, nor a bicycle, nor a thing.
Paid Assassin – Shut up bam, bam…
Customer: Yes!
Paid killer – Yes not with me…
Client: Ohooo
Paid killer: Because there are police, there is anti-crime.
Client: Then, the police and anti-crime keep me under control.
Assassin: O R. you will make me an offer to my brother not to stay on the streets.
Client: I told you