At the end of October this year, the case of the suicide of young Antonio Karafili on June 14, 2018 in Voskopoja was brought to attention. His girlfriend, Casey Spaillari was the last person to see the young man before taking the extreme act. She says that that day around 5pm they met with her uncle and uncle’s son, to clarify a quarrel between the latter and Antonios. The case was closed and Antonio and Casey went to Voskopoja to Antonio’s parents’ bar.

Casey said:

Antonion and I have had a love affair for 2 years and our families were aware of it. That day around 5pm we met my uncle and his little boy in front of a bar to clear up a quarrel between my uncle and Antonios. Then we went again to Voskopoja and stopped at the restaurant of Antonio’s parents, the tavern “Michel”. Antonio got out of the car sat on a rock and was stressed and nervous. He suspected I had a second connection to this and we debated. I told him to leave for Korça, but he told me to leave because I will stay here. If there are police on the street, Michelle will call me. I remember he gave me some personal belongings of Antonio, his brother Michel. I met his brother in Korça at Saint Mary and we got Moza, Antonios’s mother. We went up to Korça.

The event seems suspicious, as it looks more like a murder than a suicide. The case was closed by prosecutor Oli Visi and then Odeta Todorrushi. New evidence and details prove the suspicions of the family members, that their son was taken from life.

The young man’s father said:

I saw it on the computer at the police station. Minute after minute come two denunciations. The first is at 6 o’clock without 2 minutes, where Andon Karafili says he circulates with a weapon and the second after a minute, it is said that Andon Karafili kills himself with a weapon.