The young man was hit to death, the police officer in Tirana is arrested.
A police officer together with his brother were arrested because with the car type “Benz” with which they were traveling last night shortly after midnight on the street “Teuta”, in the direction of the roundabout of Frutikultura, Kamza, around 00:15, they crashed the type motor “Suzuki” driven by a 26-year-old, who lost his life immediately as a result of the collision. The victim was the driver of the engine with the initials F.H. 30 years old.

The arrest of the inspector with the initials R.M. 20 years old, police officer at the Police Commissariat No. 4 Tirana who was running “Benz” and his brother M.M., 22 years old has been made by the Service for Internal Affairs and Complaints.

The investigative materials were referred to the Prosecution at the Court of First Instance Tirana for the criminal offense “Violation of traffic rules” and “Obstruction of the discovery of the truth.”