Invited to the column “There is a message for you” on Albanian Sunday was Rezi 25 years old from the city of Kuçova who told about the darkest period of her life.

She confessed that she married a boy at the age of 18, where later the marriage turned into a nightmare for her.

Rezi: After a month and a half I got pregnant unintentionally and while she was out of the womb. That pregnancy was not functional. Rejecting my husband and his parents, I could not have an abortion because they wanted their own child to have a family. After I got out of the hospital, I went to my ex-husband’s house and one day decided to share my clothes in the soles. I lose consciousness on the stairs and after waking up I find myself in my room, in bed. I could not have a medication, clean up because my bleeding was going on for days. I did not have this care, the days passed and I was in a lot of pain, having an abortion is terribly painful.

Ardit Gjebrea: What was the attitude of your husband?

Rezi: It was all the time that you will spend it, because you are small, you are obsessed.

Ardit Gjebrea: What was the moment when he was convinced that this abortion should be done?

Rezi: Even when I was bleeding, he said how my mother did, how my sister did, how women once did, they had many births and they are still strong. Depends on the part of immunity, it is not the same for every man and every woman.

Ardit Gjebrea: Tell me a little about the date May 10, what does it represent for you?

Rezi: On May 10, I had my wedding on my brother’s birthday.

Ardit Gjebrea: So Gerri’s birthday that you invited today is on the 10th and the wedding done on the 10th for the sake of your brother. Do you have a fantastic relationship with him?

Rezi: Only God above knows how much I love him.

Ardit Gjebrea: What happened after the wedding?

Rezi: When I got married I was 4 and a half months pregnant with my daughter, Rean. Misunderstandings, debates, psychological and physical violence began.

Ardit Gjebrea: You said that your husband loved a boy and when he found out that he was a girl, he started to have no interest, right?

Rezi: He did not like it, when we learned we were at the doctor and he left directly from the room where I was doing the echo. Then on September 17th I bring Rean to life with my determination, because from the third to the ninth month I was hospitalized, I went out only two weeks after the wedding and stayed at my parents’s house.

Ardit Gjebrea: Why did you separate from your ex-husband?

Rezi: There were many reasons, violence, inconsistencies of characters, until I learned that my ex-husband was cheating on me. I did not see it with my own eyes, but I had facts, evidence and at the moment I asked her at the beginning how everyone denied it, but then said that I love that woman. When I asked him why he married me, he said that I also have the right to have a family. The child you thought I said? The baby did not come with my wish in life, just because my mom asked for it. These were his words. He told me if he accepts me stay like this, if he does not accept me he showed me the door.