The column “See you in court”, was not held in the studio of Albanian Sunday, but in the office of mediator Eni Çobani, where every mediation session begins.

Avniu told his love story on the program, which did not go at all as he had thought.

In September 2019, a person sends an invitation to Facebook. Ajetja was from Kosovo, but lived in America. They started talking to each other and Avniu tells that during the conversations with him, he found out that she had been married but was divorced.

At first the verse had told her that she had only one child, but then over the days she had told him that she had not one but five children from her marriage.

Despite not being honest, Avniu agreed to continue the conversation with her and she had promised to meet him when he came to Kosovo.

Avniu: In September 2019, someone invited me to my Facebook address. A woman, I accepted, I talked. He told me I am a woman from America. What did I say to my address, I do not know you and do not know me?

Eni Çobani: So it was her wish to connect with you? Avniu: Yes! Told me I saw the name, I liked that you wrote well, shared a lot of good things and therefore. I said is not a provocation, that I have gone through some things. No said to swear. Accepted.

Eni Çobani: Then the friendship between you started? Avniu: Yes, she lived in America. I asked him what family do you have? In the first place he told me I am married but divorced, I have a son.

Eni Çobani: Had she been married or was she still married? Avniu: No, she was married! Eni Çobani: Was she divorced now?

Avniu: Yes, divorced in time! I asked him he told me I have a child, after a few days he told me I have 2 children, after a few days he told me I have 3 children, after a few days he told me I have 4 children, after a few days he told me I have 5 children. I said no problem, you did not show it as a thing, but no problem.

Eni Çobani: So every day she added children according to you? Avniu: Yes! He had 5 children, the marshal had them as light. Eni Çobani: You just introduced yourself to a lady who was the mother of 5 children?

Avniu: Yes! Eni Çobani: Were you satisfied with this, did you accept it? Avniu: I accepted it, I liked it and in appearance I was right, but this woman is not honest at all. I spoke every day, I told her in vain that she had no choice but to preserve or protect me. Where are you, as I told him, he blocked my phone, locked me, after 2-3 days he opened it.

Eni Çobani: When did your acquaintance start? Avniu: In September 2019. Eni Çobani: Until what moment does it completely interrupt you as a communication? Avniu: In January! Then he told me alive or dead I would come to Kosovo.

Eni Çobani: Was he from Kosovo? Avniu: Yes! He told me that whenever I come to Kosovo I will definitely meet. I waited 3 months, he told me I would leave. He left, he came to Kosovo, he did not wait for me, I wrote to him endlessly, I told him where are you? No matter how many sms I wrote, he did not answer me, then in the end he told me I did not come.