Tibetan spiritual leader reveals why we should not burden ourselves with holidays…

The words of the Dalai Lama are intertwined with wise tips and instructions on how to live simply, happily and easily, and this is his attitude towards holidays and birthdays: “I do not celebrate birthdays”

“It seems to me that this is a waste of time. For me, this day is no different from the others. In a way, every day is a birthday. “Wake up in the morning, everything is fresh and new, and the main thing is that this new day brings you something important.”

To this day, people have maintained the custom of having a mission for each holiday, and one of the most important is to impress others.

For wise and truly happy people – every day is a holiday. And this day is not characterized by delicious food, loud music and freedom from hateful work.

This lies in the fact that every hour is a joy. The present moment is the most precious and valuable thing you have – it is in our heart, in our soul, in our mind.

So, do not expect “special” days, but live happiness in every moment of your life.