This is Bujar Çela, Talo Çela’s brother, executed today while drinking coffee in a bar near Bradashesh.
Three people dressed as police officers executed Bujar Çela with a firearm, while he was consuming his morning coffee in a bar in the village of Bradashesh. The incident happened around 05:45, where the 50-year-old was found dead instantly.

Meanwhile, a few minutes after the event, a burnt car was found in the village of Murras.

The burned vehicle is of the ‘Renault’ type with license plates AA 876 D and it is suspected that it belongs to the perpetrators, a scheme that was also used in other executions, to lose track.

It is learned that the area is monitored with cameras, because there are three fuels nearby, which can help clarify all the dynamics of the event or details that could lead to the identification of the perpetrators.

Police have set up checkpoints at the entrance-exit of the city of Elbasan. FNSH and RENEA have come to the aid of the police services of Elbasan, while the combing of the area continues.