The tragedy for the Gjoka family can not be described, after the bomb explosion in the hotel in Velipoja. The second daughter of the Klarisa Gjoka family from Gajushi i Leshës also died in Italy as a result of the wounds received.

Despite medical treatment, Clarisa, only 15 years old, could not survive the burns received from the burn she had suffered. A few days ago, her 19-year-old sister Daniela Gjoka died, and she was taken to her last apartment today.

While the mother of three children, Alketa Gjoka is in serious condition in Italy and is struggling with life. The condition of the 12-year-old boy has already improved and he has passed the critical condition for life.

Daniela Gjoka and Klarisa Gjoka died in a hospital in Italy after being sent there for specialized treatment together with her mother and 12-year-old brother. We recall that the serious event was recorded on the morning of July 4 at the Gjoka family hotel in Velipoja, where 15-year-old Klarisa Gjika, 19-year-old Danjela Gjoka, 12-year-old Enriko Gjoka and 40-year-old Alketa Gjoka were injured.

Petrit Mollja, a gas trader, was arrested for this event, because it is suspected that he sold gas to the Gjoka family in Velipoja. The police informed that Mollaj, 46 years old, resident in Shkodra, was trading gas in violation of the law, while a day after the event in Velipoja, his activity was blocked. However, he violated the measure of blocking the activity by continuing the unlicensed trade of liquefied gas and oil, outside the technical-legal conditions. Mollja is charged with the criminal offenses “Concealment of income”, “Unlicensed exercise of commercial activity”, “Violation of the rules on fuels” and “Trade and dumping of fuel for consumption, in violation of the law”.