An armed clash occurred Saturday afternoon near Corinth, 70km northwest of Athens.

According to Greek police, the gunfight happened at a time when a group of Greek anti-riot agents attempted to stop a car carrying 4 people suspected of being bank robbers.

Police say one of the suspects fired automatic weapons at police, who responded with intense fire. After a shootout that lasted for nearly 30 minutes, police were able to handcuff 3 Albanian nationals, two of whom were wounded while the operation to find and arrest a fourth person was still ongoing.
Authorities say they are serious criminals who were wanted by police. They have been convicted by Greek justice, but their arrest has so far been impossible.

The suspects robbed a bank in the Parga resort area and another bank in Kalamata while they are suspected to be the perpetrators of a long series of serious offenses.

While the operation is still ongoing, police say there will be a statement in the coming hours.