The Delta variant of Coronavirus is provoking an anxiety situation again.
The Deputy Minister of Health, Eugena Tomini, spoke about whether the Delta variant has arrived. Tomini said there are suspicious signals and elements for the arrival of this variant, but that results are awaited from the Berlin laboratory.

According to the Deputy Minister of Health, the Delta variant is many times more transmissible and is accompanied by headaches, but unlike Covid-19, the smell and taste are not present.

Has Delta arrived?
We have more than two weeks to talk about suspicious signals and elements. Once the suspected champions were taken, they were sent to Berlin. Signal elements of laboratory diagnosis were also supported by epidemiological data. People who have had these dubious elements are definitely isolated. The disease is transmitted through sprays, but its transmissibility is many times higher. Absolutely, Albania can not be an exception. As the WHO has said, the peak of the Delta variant will be marked in August.

What are the symptoms of this variant?
There are lighter signs than Covid-19, smell and taste are not present, but it is the headache. It should not be neglected by anyone, even those who have been vaccinated.
As with Covid-19, this variant affects children but is not accompanied by symptoms or severe clinical cases. It is very important not to neglect any clinical signs. Citizens should be vaccinated with both doses. People need to understand that it’s the right time to get vaccinated, now is the time not to waste time getting vaccinated.

What about the population under 18 will be vaccinated?
So far we have no recommendation to start vaccination in this bandage.

Albania again in quarantine?
Any element against coercive measures will depend on the epidemiological situation. Depending on Delta’s aggressiveness, measures will be imposed. So far we have only predictions, nothing is certain. We are following the same line as all other countries in the world. I am of the opinion that Covid and its variants will be present and are likely to circulate as respiratory viruses. We have to adapt. It is very important to have a complete two-dose vaccination, as one dose is not enough. Absolutely all vaccines protect us. A healthy vaccination protects us from severe form, we can be affected by the disease, but with mild symptoms, avoiding hospitalization and death. The effectiveness of vaccines varies, but they all protect us.

Should masks be worn?
Masks should be worn indoors, no matter how tired we are from this situation. When we break the physical distance with each other, without discussion we have to put the mask indoors.

When can the new variants arrive in Albania?
Since the signals are and we are waiting for the results, an eye of the epidemiologist is very important to be evaluated. Sending these samples is likely to be well appreciated. September predicts a much denser turnover and will probably present Delta cases, but of course the result from Berlin could also be for the arrival of this variant. We have two weeks that we have strong signals and suspicions against the turnover.

When should the vaccine be given after the virus has passed?
In a period of 3-6 months can decide to make the vaccine. Opinion, News24