An extraordinary photo has gone viral on social media and received the most reaction. The photo best illustrates the pain of an Albanian mother from Kosovo still suffering the consequences of the war.

The picture shows the old woman who lost her entire family, husband and four children in the war in 1999.

Her husband and four children were abducted on March 27, 1999, during a military attack that was very common during the period where men were separated from women.

The men were mostly executed and buried in mass graves, where both of her two children were later found, while the husband and two other children are still missing. The youngest boy was 14, at the time he was abducted by Serbs.

There has been an ongoing process to discover all the mass graves in Serbia, but that has gone very slowly.

This photo was taken by photographer Artan Korenica, who after hearing about her story that she kept everything in the house and left it intact since they were abducted went there. He saw that for a long time she served dinner for all those lost, in the hope that they would return.