Pressure on Greek hospitals continues to grow, with the country registering a significant increase in cases in the last three weeks.

According to data reported by local media, the number of patients ill with Covid-19 is already 3,831, having increased by 40% since last Thursday. And, one-fifth of them are fighting for their lives in intensive care units.

The number of patients is estimated to continue to increase until the end of November. In any case, the “burden” that health workers have to bear on the health facilities of the neighboring country until Christmas is very heavy. Admissions of new patients yesterday reached close to 500. In intensive care units reached 465.

On the other hand, the balance of victims continues to become more tragic, only yesterday 63 people lost their lives.

The impact of the epidemic is shown by the total number of fatal cases: out of 1,228 deaths recorded since last March to date, half, 602 lost their lives in the last 17 days of November.