Oil and gasoline are costing more expensive to drivers in Albania, fuel increased for the fourth time in a row since the country came out of quarantine. Oil and gasoline are being traded for 3 lek more, if about ten days ago 1 liter of oil could be bought for 166 lek today and it costs 169 lek.

For the same amount during the pandemic, pay 148 lekë, while now you pay 21 liters more, increasing by 14%.

The first increase was marked in February 2021, with 6-8 lek per liter, the second in May with 5 lek per liter, with the same at the end of June and in three lek in the last days. Market operators justify the price increase with the increase in fuel prices in international markets.

Today it was announced that drivers would turn off their vehicles from 12:00 to 15:00, in protest of the increase in the price of oil but this call failed.

The calling organizers demanded that the price of oil be reduced from 180-178 lek, which is currently to 150 new lek. It is not yet known whether citizens will respond to this fair protest, which is weighing on the pockets of vehicle users.