Over the past 24 hours, two Albanians have been reported missing in Switzerland and Scotland.

The first case concerns 36-year-old Halit Mujaku, convicted of robbery, who was being treated at a clinic in Winterthur, Switzerland.

He escaped from there at 4:20 a.m. this Sunday and has been on the run ever since.

Police say Mujaku is known to be overly aggressive, is a drug user and has a visible mark on his left arm.

Police also recommend greater attention as the fugitive can behave aggressively.

Persons who are able to provide information about the wanted person are required to contact the police of the canton of Zurich, telephone: 044 247 22 11.

The second case concerns 17-year-old Olti Gega, who was last seen in the Camagael area of ​​Fort William, Scotland, around 12.00 on Saturday.

Sergeant Michael Bell, who is following the case, said: “We are increasingly concerned about Oltin and would urge anyone who believes they may have seen him or who has any information to contact us as soon as possible at 101 “.