UEFA has announced the goalkeeper of Italy, Gianluigi Donnarumma, as the best player of the competition.

His defining expectations throughout the “Euro 2020”, but especially in the 11-meter series in the semifinals against Spain and in the final against England, made him be considered the best of the tournament.

Bonucci: We gave the lexicon to England

Leonardo Bonucci, the author of the equalizer against England, in the final of “Euro 2020”, declared after Italy raised the cup in the sky that the axur gave lessons to the English.

“The cup will now return to Rome. Sorry for the English, but Italy gave lectures again. “It was great to see 60,000 people leaving the stadium before the medals were awarded,” said the Juventus defender, who was named the best player of the match.

“It is a dream come true, the credit goes to the coach and the whole team. Day after day we gained self-confidence. We have since the end of May that we say there was a magical atmosphere in the air. It is the most beautiful evening of my career. “It is wonderful to see Italians celebrate like this after a very difficult year,” added Bonucci.

In the end, he stressed that he will convince Chiellini to play next year’s World Cup: “We will go on vacation and I will convince him to be present at the World Cup.”