After Fatmir Xhafajt, another socialist has broken the quotient in Tirana, endangering the place of one of the first 18 on the list. It is about Ornaldo Rakipi, the son of former MP Aqif Rakipi.

Ranked 30th on the SP list, Rakipi, who is running for a deputy mandate in the Vora area, has managed to collect 10,197 votes so far. Until 03:57 in the morning of April 29, in the district of Tirana are counted 758 out of 1243 centers in total.

The male candidates less voted in the first 18 names in the list of socialists of Tirana, who risk the mandate from the result of Xhafaj and Rakipi, are Fidel Ylli with 955 votes, Ervin Bushati with 1636 votes and Eduard Shalsi with 1487 votes so far.

Ornaldo’s father, Aqif Rakipi, was stripped of his mandate by the decriminalization law. He won the mandate in the district of Elbasan, specifically in the area of ​​Peqin with the logo of the Justice, Integration and Unity Party.