An unprecedented situation is happening in Naples, Italy where the mafia has started threatening even medical teams with death. The cause for the growing threats has been the sirens that are interrupting the criminal activity of selling drugs as customers and distributors confuse ambulances with police.

According to reports from neighboring media, two members of a gang in Naples ambushed an ambulance and threatened to kill the driver of the vehicle.

“Haven’t you realized yet that you can not sound the sirens here”, one of the mobsters reportedly told the ambulance driver, going to the window with his motorcycle and asking him to turn it off, otherwise he would shoot him.

The siren and ambulance lights appear to be interfering with the drug sales business as distributors and customers confuse the ambulance with police forces.

Amid a host of similar reports across the city, ambulance executives and responsible staff accompanying patients to the ambulance have called for police escorts to protect them from harassment, violence and growing threats.

“We have been ordered not to use sirens in other neighborhoods, including Sanita and Traiano. The ambulance only blew the siren after leaving the area, “said Manuel Ruggiero, an emergency physician.

According to reports, there have been 300 such incidents against the ambulance medical team in Naples in the last three years.