He broke the rule to stay in the apartment, violently opposed police officers, but was arrested in flagrance.

Implementing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Elbasan Police Station, during patrols to monitor the implementation of these measures, today morning, in the neighborhood “Volunteer”, near the place called “Zaranike Bridge”, have found a pedestrian moving on foot.

Police services have asked for the reason for going out on the street and for not keeping a restrictive schedule to stay in the flat, but the 24-year-old has given no reason and has violently opposed the Eagles’ police officers.

Police officers neutralized and escorted 24-year-old M. LL to the Elbasan Police Station. At the end of the action, his arrest was made in the case of the criminal offense of “Violent Opposition of the Public Order Police Officer” and the materials were forwarded to the prosecution for further action.