A 50-year-old man from Vlora named Arjan Shabanaj has been missing for nine days. He is a cook by profession and is known as the “Vip cousin of Selenica”. The mother of the 50-year-old expresses concern that her son may have been killed. She adds that he was last seen at the rally of the opposition leader Lulzim Basha on April 21, where his mother learned from friends that he had left for Vlora and that that day she had not learned anything from him .

The mother said: Arjani is an excellent chef who has worked both inside and outside the country, has worked even in the homes of the biggest VIPs or politicians of the country. He is a quiet boy without problems, a carefree, separated from the bride and children who lived with 200 lekë in his pocket from the impossibility to work in the kitchen anymore, as he had problems with his arm and could barely move.

She has reported the disappearance of Arjan to the police, but has not yet received any information about him. He even added that the police mocked him, saying that “he will find him because he is Basha’s cousin”. She suspects the boy may have been killed for political reasons. For many years, Shabanaj worked in the kitchen, with a degree of excellence, cooking in the homes of VIPs, footballers and Albanian politicians.