According to MeteoAlb: Our place during the morning will be with few clearings and eclipses. But again at noon the eclipses develop, bringing precipitation to the territory, where in a special area precipitation in the form of short-term thunderstorms is expected.

While the evening restores the lightening and light eclipses in Albania.

Air temperatures will drop in the morning and at noon, fluctuating daily values ​​from 9 ° C to 29 ° C.

The wind will blow with a speed of 35 – 40 km / h from the Northwest direction, creating 3-4 waves in the sea.


Unstable air masses CONTINUE to dictate the weather conditions in the territory of Kosovo. Consequently: clearings dominate during the morning and evening, BUT at noon again increases eclipses risking short-term rain.

Northern Macedonia

Alternations of clearings and eclipses prevail Atmospheric conditions during the morning in MV. But after noon there will again be eclipses generating rain showers. Late afternoon significantly improves weather conditions.