Tonight, an armed robbery took place in one of the branches of “Western Union”. According to the information, the branch on “Eqrem Qabej” street in Prishtina was robbed by two armed people.

The case was also confirmed by the Kosovo police, where according to them, the robbers, under the threat of Urma, managed to take only small coins from the coffers. Police spokesman Daut Hoxha explained that the robbers had a short weapon and a knife with them.

“At around 18:35, information was received that in Rr. “Eqrem Qabej” in the branch of a microfinance institution a robbery took place, where it is suspected that the robbers under the threat of ármes managed to take small coins from the coffers. According to the information, one of the suspects had a short weapon in his hand and the other a knife, they were wearing dark colored tracksuits and anti-covid masks and they fled towards the Sun Coast. Fortunately no injuries were reported. “All relevant units have come to the scene and are dealing with the case,” said Hoxha.