One of the important meetings of Prime Minister Edi Rama in Cerrik and Dumre was also the inspection of the Grekan-Shelgu-Gjirale road axis. There, the prime minister talked to locals, wondering what they were planting the land for and how necessary this road was.
He also shared their thoughts on how the area could be developed, and further increased prosperity.

In addition to bringing agricultural and livestock products to market faster, Rama consulted with the mayors of Cerrik and Belsh and MP Taulant Balla to look at the possibility of developing family tourism.

1000 people coming to Belsh that can come on weekends from Tirana and other cities, plus foreign tourists coming from abroad, this brings jobs and income / said the prime minister.
But while talking a dog was barking and Rama said: Here’s the analyst! You’re resting, brother!

Now that the lake project is completed, conditions are now in place to build agrotourism there.

Mayor Tafani said this investment has significantly increased the value of the land.
Rama- Those who have left the village should now think that you can earn more than you can emigrate. And the trend of returning those in the village is a positive indicator. You need to increase your accommodation because it depends on the demand and supply.
Here’s what Rama writes:

Elbasan – Another new axis, the Grecian-Shelgu-Gjirale, part of the Dumresa ring, linking Belsh with Cerrik in the service of agricultural and rural development in an area that is turning from a black hole into a tourist and agrotouristic space.

There is also work on the new Belsh water supply, which will supply only 3 hours 24 hours in 50 years from now, covering 24 hours through a modern network and the highest standards of infrastructure.

While the leader of the Socialist Parliamentary Group, Taulant Balla writes:
FacebookNews: We inspected the works for the reconstruction of the Grekan-Shelgu-Gjyrale road. This road helps the inhabitants of the two municipalities of Cerrik and Belsh and was necessary to enable the market of agricultural products in this area which is very connected with agriculture. During the year, investments are also being made in the water supply of Cerrik and Belsh and the improvement of the electricity system.