Singer Fjolla Morina admitted to the Kukës police that the firearm, pistol type “Zoraki” and 23 bullets, belonged to her.

The combat pistol was found in her bag, and during the interrogation, Fjolla Morina, indicated that the weapon belonged to her and that she had forgotten it in the bag.

“I often change my bags and I put the gun some time ago, right in the bag. I forgot it there, and today I took the bag without knowing that the pistol was still inside and I traveled to Albania “- said the singer.

The criminal case was registered in the Kukës Prosecutor’s Office for the accusation of “Trafficking in weapons and ammunition” committed in collaboration, an accusation that provides for a sentence of 10 to 20 years in prison.

But even if the arms trafficking was not carried out in cooperation, Fjolla Morina still risks a sentence ranging from 7 to 15 years in prison. Currently, the Police and the Prosecution of Kukës, have requested the ballistic expertise of the two pistols seized in the car where Fjolla Morina was traveling, where one of the weapons, apparently with the naked eye, is identified as a lighter pistol.

While the other weapon seized in Fjolla Morina’s bag, will undergo ballistic and dactyloscopic examination, to learn the technical condition and if there were fingerprints of the other two boys who were in the car with the singer.

Police arrested in the early hours of yesterday morning in an “Audi” type car Fjolla Morina, and two 29-year-old boys F.M., 29 years old, resident of Bresalc, Kosovo and F.S., 29 years old, resident of Belgium.

The fingerprints of the three persons were taken in order to compare with the fingerprints that will be found on the pistol.

It is expected that on Monday or Tuesday, the Kukës court will hold a court session to impose a security measure on the three detainees.