Astronomers have identified for the first time a source pattern of radio wave burst known as (FRB) in space but still do not know what causes this phenomenon. Such signals have troubled scientists since their discovery for the first time in 2014, as their origins still remain a complete mystery.

They have recently found a sporadic source of radio waves burst 500 million light-years away, thus having a specific model under study.

It transmits a signal for a few milliseconds once an hour, every hour for four days. Then it remains silent for 12 days before resuming its 16 day cycle.

This is the first time such a model has been seen by astronomers, but the underlying reasons are unknown. The pattern was detected after 400 days of inert observations.

Duncan Lorimer, an astrophysicist at the University of West Virginia at Morganto, for Science news:

This is very significant. It will potentially lead us in an interesting direction to understand why these waves have such a precise cycle that is repeated every 16 days. ”
Researchers do not know what causes the waves, but they can say for sure what did not cause them and certainly not alien communication signals.