An Albanian journalist is suspected of being part of the group of Albanian journalists who lobbied for the criminal activity of the arrested.

According to the data, the journalist was paid by criminal groups to hide their cannabis plots and to denounce the plots of their opponents. Everything has been revealed by the ‘repentant’ of justice who has spoken and confessed everything, but there are also wiretaps.

From the interceptions of SPAK and Anti-Mafia, it results that among the members of the criminal group there is talk of significant payments in euros that would be paid in shows and for journalists.

Operation ‘Soul’
Operation “Spirit” is still ongoing and pursued by prosecutors Vladimir Mara and Dritan Prençi, while it is expected that in a few days before justice will be other people. According to justice witnesses, this criminal group had access from turning off the radars to closing the trials. The land route so that no one would touch the drugs was provided by the former deputy director of Vlora, Ilirjan Balla. At the head of this group, according to witnesses, was Ilirjan Zaimi and two former bodyguards of former Minister Saimir Tahiri, Agustin Deda and Hekuran Marku already declared wanted. They are suspected of hiding in Spain, while the Albanian police and SPAK are cooperating with their counterparts to arrest them.

Arrested in prison
Aleks Memaj, Jovan Memaj, Aleksandër Neço, Shkëlzen Kamberi, Benard Tahiraj, Mereglen Çaçi, Erind Hysomenaj, Klajdi Ademi, Toni Kushi, Erion Hoxhara, Çezar Gjomemo, Sajmir Kurti, director of the Labor Office in Kavaja, Malton Lleçi, Elëlzen Bregasi, Paul (Agustin) Deda on the run accompanying the then Minister of Interior Sajmir Tahiri, Hekuran Marku on the run accompanying the then Minister of Interior Sajmir Tahiri, Hamid Seferi, Leonidha Sejdiaj, Ilir Gaba, Geri Zylyftari, Erlind Zylyftari, Festim Lela, Former police officer previously prosecuted for drug trafficking

Home arrest
Luan Zylyftari, Artur Krasniqi, Kavaja police officer, Ilirjan Balla, head of the anti-trafficking department in the State Police, Maksim Sota (Vlora Prosecutor) /