During her stay in Tirana, Albin Kurti also held meetings with some of the Albanian journalists and analysts. The winner of the Kosovo elections has made no reaction to these meetings, but it has been his associates who have published the photos.

Fatos Lubonja, Adi Krasta, Adi Bejtja, Armand Shkullaku and Andi Bushati are some of the media people Kurti sat down to talk to.

“Evenings go well with discussions between friends who share common thoughts,” writes Boiken Abazi, head of Vetevendosje in Tirana, about Kurti’s meeting with Krasta.

Without assuming the office of Kosovo’s prime minister, Albin Kurti has frequent meetings and statements about Tirana. At the Peace Summit held in Albania yesterday, he said that Tirana feels the same as Pristina, welcoming the guests.