Head of the Department of Epidemiology and Infectious Disease Control at PHI, Silva Bino. has explained the funeral procedures for persons who have died from coronavirus.

In a statement to the media, Bino stressed that there is a special burial law for all those who die from infectious diseases.

According to her, one of the rules provided by law is that the casket is not allowed to open.

She said:

Regarding the dead who die from infectious diseases there is a defined law and burial and coffin and all measures are taken according to this law, such as the coffin does not open, so there are certain rules of burial.
Recall here that the number of victims of coronavirus in the country has reached 4, while the number of infected has reached 104.

A 43-year-old businessman from Kavaja, who was diagnosed a few days ago with Covid-19, passed away today, and last night a 71-year-old man from Kuçova passed away at his last apartment today. , where only his wife was present at the funeral.