Gashi is one of the best known rappers in the Albanian music arena. His fame has not only stopped within the confines of Albanian-speaking territories, but also internationally.

Recently he has released his first album which includes “Safety”, “Mr.Ferrari” and others. One of the songs on the album reflects a sad love story that Gashi has experienced.

He himself has made this known. It’s about the song “Mr.Ferrari” and through a post on Instagram, the rapper has narrated the story behind it.

It’s a painful love story, like the one in the movies, where the girl’s parents intervene to disrupt the happiness of young people because of social and economic differences. So at the time the two young men were in love, the rapper was not yet famous and rich.

The girl married someone else, while Gashi showed up with a luxury car in her checkers.

He explains in a post on Instagram that he quickly deleted:

This song was made when I fell in love with the wrong man … her parents wouldn’t let us together because I didn’t have enough money in my pockets … I went to her wedding, with a Ferrari that I had rented with contract money and I felt so good when i saw them see me as i drove away. “