More than 2 hours after the execution that shook Elbasan today, the police reacted by clarifying the official version of the event where Pjerin Xhuvani was killed and 4 people were injured. Elbasan Police announces that around 14:00 in the neighborhood “5 Maji” during a conflict Pjerin Xhuvani was killed with a firearm and three other people were injured;

Emiljan Prenga 39 years old
Pavlo Vuksani 50 years old
Eltjon Bodinaku 32 years old

Also, according to the official announcement, in an attempt to prevent crime, the police officer of the special force “Eagles”, Xhensila Sota, was injured. Immediately after the event, the police say that the perpetrator Arbër Papleka, a former police officer, has been arrested, while the work for the arrest of other persons involved continues.

“Other services of the Local Directorate and the Elbasan Police Commissariat immediately went to the aid of the patrol, as well as checkpoints were set up on all road axes at the entrance and exit of the city of Elbasan.

Also, a special investigative group was immediately set up consisting of specialists investigating crimes against the person in the Local Police Directorate of Elbasan, the Directorate of Crimes against Person and Property in the General Directorate of State Police and under the direction of the District Prosecutor’s Office. The Elbasan Judiciary is intensively working to fix and administer any material evidence that will serve to clarify and document the event, “said the police.

Elbasan Police does not give many details about what preceded the serious event today in Elbasan in front of one of the DP election offices in Elbasan, while the victim Pjerin Xhuvani, former chairman of the SMI a few years ago, was already part of SP.